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permission to have your cake—and eat a salad, too!

6 week nutrition course

nutrition guidance via easy-to-digest—see what we did there?—video lessons. (Also available via a private podcast!)

7 weeks of coaching

group coaching sessions with ME to make sure you master the info!

8 week community

access to our private community for super-supportive guidance

9 easy to follow meal plans

flexible, dietary-needs-friendly, gentle nutrition-focused meal plans you can use over and over.

you’re allowed to be intuitive and incorporate nutrition into your days

Intuitive eating is ALL about doing what feels right to you. So gentle nutrition? It abso-freaking-lutely fits in!

Diet Culture Doesn’t Own Nutrition, You Guys!

They don’t own green smoothies, salads, or veggies, either.

💥If ditching diets has left you in a state of full-blown REBELLION…

💥If you’re reaching for fries NOT because you really want them—a perfectly good reason to have fries!—but because you feel like choosing a salad means choosing diet culture…

💥Or if you’re still SHOVING veggies into places you don’t want ‘em because you feel like you’re “supposed to”...

Then girlie, you are READY for Non-diet-y Nutrition!